Emory University Evaluation of the
Georgia DUI Alcohol/Drug Risk Reduction Program:
Fiscal Years 1992-1996


October 27, 1997
Frederick A. Marsteller, Ph.D.
Deborah Rolka, M.S.
Arthur Falek, Ph.D.
 Department of Psychiatry
Emory University School of Medicine
Executive Summary

In 1990, the DUI Alcohol and Drug Risk Reduction Program (RRP) was introduced after authority for mandatory educational intervention for DUI offenders was transferred to the Georgia Department of Human Resources.  The RRP represented a significant departure from past practice.  The program includes a standardized assessment of alcohol and drug problems and a standardized curriculum that is designed as an early intervention to reduce major alcohol and drug problems.

 Since 1991, investigators from the Department of Psychiatry of the Emory University School of Medicine have been conducting a series of studies designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the RRP.  This report summarizes the major findings from those studies.

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